Cute Boy

Who is this cutie? Where did my gangly skinny OTTB go?

imageOur lesson yesterday was so good. JLE said she was really impressed with the canter and that is was so much better than it used to be. While I didn’t have it all the way there yet, it was much more rhythmic and I was able to really sit deep into and push him forward with my leg. After our flat work we moved on to do some jumping as I was ready for a break from the dressage work.

JLE had two poles set up on a circle on a four stride distance. We had to come in and do a nice bending track to the next. The hard part for me was reteaching my eyes where to look. I grew up doing the straight lines of hunters and have spent years picking up bad habits. However, every time I looked at the next jump at the right spot, we hit the next jump when we were supposed to. When I was looking straight ahead Dandy bulged and I could barely get him back to jump. Eventually the poles went up to cross rails.

It was a really nice exercise and one that I want to keep working on so I’ll probably try to set it up again today. I like it because I can really work on the little things that I’m doing (like my eyes and the fact that I need to let go of half halts quicker) that will help Dandy do better.

imageAfter our lesson I walked him along the road back to the barn. This is the first time we’ve walked on a busy road and Dandy was so so good. We got passed by both a bus and a kid zooming way too fast in his sports car. Dandy cared but didn’t do anything stupid.


It was such a nice little ride (and the weather has been so nice lately!). It was the perfect ending to the lesson and something I think I’m going to incorporate after every ride.

Since our lesson ended a bit earlier I decided to get as much of Dandy’s mane pulled as I could before I had to leave to beat the traffic. Dandy was not so keen on the idea and was doing everything but being down right naughty to get me to stop. This included trying to push me off the stool with his shoulder and/or his head.

imageI tried to get a picture of it but it’s hard to see: he’s pushing his face into my lap. “Please stop, mom!” I got about a fifth of it done and plan to finish the rest today. The further I get away from his poll the better he gets so hopefully I won’t see any of his antics today.

Not sure when I’m going to make it out there today but I am going to at some point. Had a job interview this morning and I’m feeling a little empty after that.

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