Crazy Update

So many things happened today that it is impossible for me to get my head back on straight enough to write a post.

– Job. I have one. I spent almost four hours interviewing today and got the call tonight that they were offering me the position. Excellent.

– Dandy. Was such a good boy today. I had too much on my mind to give him a full work and ride but we did ground work and he is learning fast. Plus the wind kicked up hard so I wouldn’t have had time to do much riding anyway. There may be a very exciting development in the next month… Stay tuned.

– HUNGER GAMES. OMG. No words. (Except the annoying mom next to me and the 20 or so tweens in the front row who couldn’t shut up and almost ruined the entire movie). But KATNISS. CINNA. PEETA

Maybe a better post when my brain stops exploding.