Crazy Psycho Thoroughbred

Things have been a little crazy with my life and so I haven’t gotten out to ride the Gus too often. First it was the holidays, then it was the rain, and finally last week it was his cut and the snow. But finally, FINALLY I am back out and working with my horse!

I should have been prepared for crazy psycho thoroughbred after having basically five weeks off. I was not.

Like I talked about with C, Gus doesn’t scare me. Even when he’s naughty. He has developed a nasty little head toss that I’m not fond off so we’re going to try a new bit and maybe the running, but he’s not mean in anyway. The problem is, in the evening when I can ride, there are always lessons going on with little kids. These kids are great at jumping but they can’t seem to steer at all. Now, I’m the better/older rider and even with a green horse, I know I can stay out of their way but they are TERRIBLE at personal space and constantly ride right up Gus’ ass. Normally I welcome this because I think it’s good desensitizing for the warm-up ring. When I have crazy psycho thoroughbred? Not so much. So after Gus spent five minutes tossing his head and bolted on me twice, I asked the BO to ask her kids to give us as much space as they could.


In the end, I got about 10 minutes of really nice relaxed work on the circle and a handful of nice, uphill canter transitions. And I called it good. It’s been five weeks, I don’t need to get in any arguments the first night back to work!

4 thoughts on “Crazy Psycho Thoroughbred

  1. I feel you. Annie has not been getting worked much and I know when I get on her the first time I will be lucky to get even slight focus from the squirrel. Thankfully there aren’t many kids that ride at my barn.

  2. I was JUST having this discussion with one of the kids at our barn last night. Murray is so unpredictable with the bucking and the porpoising and the general bullshit that everyone knows very well to a) give me a wide berth and b) call out their directions around me early and often. The aforementioned kid was like “I really wish Porter would just kick someone one time so they would give me the space they give you and Murray….” Mixed gifts I guess?!

  3. ugh i definitely hate other riders invading my space when my horse is feeling sensitive/reactive… nice job being able to help Gus relax and stretch out tho!

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