Clip Clop

I am so happy I decided to put Gus’ shoes back on. I am so happy to be able to ride again! Granted it has been pouring rain every day so it was only a road hack… but still. It was an immediate change from getting the shoes back on, which is good because now I know for certain it was just a little tenderness.

The boy came out to the barn with me and he took the first ride on the Gus. For being off for about three weeks, I’m super proud of my OTTB. Especially since it was raining and the temp has dropped. He was so good! The dogs were less than good so we’re going to have to do some retraining there.


And then when Eric was done, I took Gus on a quick ride. I let Harley come with me but left Guinness at the barn. They’re better when it’s just one of them.


After our ride, it was bath time for all three animals! Gus was the best behaved, no surprise. The dogs hate getting baths. I just hoped he was going to be as good for getting clipped. Thankfully he was!

Let me tell you something amazing about having a dapple grey/steel grey horse: clips lines don’t show! Yes, it’s true. Obviously the lines between where I clipped and didn’t show but not those silly little lines from going in a wrong direction or anything. I love it.

So Gus got clipped over the weekend. I was thinking about just doing a chaser clip but then I started coming across a weird fungus and it was all over! So I kept clipping. Thankfully Gus is really good with the clippers (only minded on one little ticklish spot) and wasn’t at all sensitive like my last redheaded child. I got Gus fully clipped in recored time.

Now I’ve got to find a good fungal shampoo and hopefully get this thing cleared up. Any recommendations?

When it’s pouring rain and your horse is in the far pasture at the end of the drive… yeah, you pony them from the truck.

11 thoughts on “Clip Clop

  1. I’ve had really good luck using the MicroTek shampoo and the E3 shampoo. I’ve been putting off clipping my dapple grey because I wasn’t sure how he’d end up looking. Hope he looks as great as Gus does!

  2. I love, love, love MicroTek. There’s also some medicated shampoos you can get from the vet if it’s really bad – but MicroTek has pretty much always worked for me. This rain is SO frustrating with keeping their skin nice!

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