Clip Clip Clip

Clipping Dandy was a three day process. Ugh.


Actually, much longer that that when you factor in the fact that I had to go buy new blades because I opened my bag to find the ones I bought this spring completely rusted! I thought it was because I didn’t clean them but now I’m thinking it’s because of all of this humid air as even the two blades I haven’t used in forever are rusted over too. I’m going to try keeping them in my house now and see if that helps. Blades aren’t ridiculous expensive but I don’t want to have to buy new ones every time I need to give Dandy a clip.

Anyway, I had a wonderful lesson on Thursday where we worked over some poles on a ¬†circle at both the trot and the canter. They started flat but JLE started raising them in different patterns. This was good for me because I had to really be the pilot and not the passenger, a bad habit I’ve been getting into lately.


Afterwards I started to clip Dandy. And it took three sessions. Above is how I left it the first night: most of the face done (really just touch up), his neck and some of his butt. He was just too dirty to do more and his patience was really running thin.

The next night I went out and bathed him and cleaned up the face.

Finally yesterday I spent over an hour fighting with him on his legs and getting the rest done. I never want to do that again. You win Dandy, from now on your legs are not ever being clipped! He used to be so good, I don’t know what happened.


I managed to finish just in time for our Show Team meeting where we went over all the rules, what is required, ect. Our BM isn’t pleased with my orange XC gear but that’s just part of the package that comes with Dandy!

I’m really looking forward to the show season starting. I guess we’ve got our first little test this Saturday at the Aspen Derby. Should be exciting if nothing else.



And on a completely different note, I did repost my Dream Horse Studios review with an update on the bottom of it.