I am so excited for Poplar this weekend! Unlike the weeks leading up to Sporting Days, things are going so well.

Gus and I had a FANTASTIC dressage lesson last week where we made major progress on understanding shoulder ins and leg yields. It really felt like I had a supple and willing horse underneath me and that is not something I feel all the time when it comes to dressage. But you know, it wasn’t just him getting things, it was me too. Dressage is hard y’all! I love it when things click.

That carried over to an amazing jump lesson on Sunday where I had to jump scary barrel oxers and big airy verticals through the grid. I was determined to find that “ride tough” feeling again and by golly, I think I did. For the first time I could feel when the rhythm was changing and, while I still can’t see my distances, I understood how that was affecting getting to the jump. Once I was semi reliably feeling that, the jumps started going a lot smoother.

I’m not expecting miracles at Poplar and I know show nerves are going to make things worse, but I’m feeling good!

But truthfully, it’s a good thing that I have Poplar to look forward to because if it’s not one thing, it’s another with work. Since last Friday at around noon I have no had access to email. Even worse, it was so screwed up that people couldn’t even send me anything. I FINALLY have it back but now I’m behind by about a week so the next two days are going to be less than fun. Friday though, we leave for Poplar so take that work, I’m off to better things!

Ride Times:

Dressage: Saturday 2:23 PM
Stadium: Saturday 5:19 PM
XC: Sunday 3:10 PM

My husband is THRILLED with those times. More sleeping in for him!

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