Circle of Friends December 2016 Agility Trial – A Quick Write Up

If you were to look at this trial completely from a ribbons won, qualified runs earned, and titles completed, it is not going to look like a good weekend. But you would be totally mistaken.


Now don’t get me wrong, there were some epically bad parts. The worst run being the regular classes on Saturday when Harley was fascinated with the bean bags… so wish I had that on video because it was hysterical. I picked her up and walked her out of that class!

There were also some epically amazing runs. Most notably our X-Hoopers class that we had never tried before and entered last minute on a whim (and we also got a big old Q for!). The last Tunnelers class as well was a thing of beauty. It also earned Harley her title for Open Tunnelers.


But mostly it was a lot of E’s for eliminations due to start line stay training.


Agility can be incredibly frustrating because that one little thing ruins an otherwise fabulous round. The round that ended up following the above broken start line was magnificent. Harley hit all her contacts and she held them. If only we hadn’t broken that start line. And that was the whole point of restarting the run.


For the last year or so, Harley has been breaking her start line stays and running off to do her own little thing. Our coach rightly pointed out that we needed to fix that now. So, for every class (except for a handful like Tunnelers and Jumpers), if Harley broke her stay, we threw the class and trained it. The nice thing about NADAC trials is that you’re allowed to train one thing in the ring (a stay or a contact or a sequence). It will eliminate you but hopefully you can reinforce the issue for next time. By the end of the weekend, Harley’s stays were so much better and her contacts were excellent.

Guinness and Eric had a fabulous weekend also, picking up a handful of qualified runs and getting their Open Regular Title. Guinness’ big thing is that he looses focus and then looses time and he’s just not fast enough to loose time and still be able to qualify. He’ll get there though.


Since we are hoping to get Miss Z going in agility, we brought her out as well to play for a few of the days. She was such a good girl the whole weekend and was very polite. I’m glad she’s learning to fit in with our little pack.