Circle of Friends Agility Trial

Horses have a way of humbling you. And so do dogs. All animals probably have that super power I suppose.

Last weekend we went to the Circle of Friends Agility Trial held at the Georgia International Horsepark  (which, side note, is beautiful!). I was so excited for this trial and had visions of Harley doing amazing and showing up all the GA dogs.

That didn’t happen.


Harley was so amped up when she got to the trial that she wasn’t really able to focus. We had two okay Regular runs on Friday but Jumpers was awful. On Saturday I ended our first Regular run halfway thru because Harley wasn’t working. Fun stops when you’re not working. She got the message and came back for a beautiful second Regular run and got her title. But that was just about the only good run she had.

Luckily, Guinness was having a great weekend. We are still dealing with him wanting to know where everyone is but I think he really impressed everyone. Guinness came home with seven Q runs and both his Novice Agility Champion and his Novice Tunnelers Title. He even got one leg towards his Open Tunnelers Title.


We ended the weekend with Harley’s favorite class: Tunnelers. Sunday had been even rougher than Saturday for her. She fell off the dogwalk in Regular so I scratched her from Touch N Go. I was worried about Tunnelers because it was a tough course and by this point she was so tired. But Harley nailed it!

I was so happy we were able to end on a high note for the weekend. Harley even managed to do well in all the right classes and won High in Trial for Novic Dog. I was shocked but very pleased.


We always have such a blast at agility trials and will be back for the next one.

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