This is how Dandy came in out of the pasture yesterday:

wpid-IMG_20140119_125532.jpgGood thing I’ve got bell boots on their way and the farrier will be out on Tuesday. Hopefully he can keep the shoes on long enough until I can get the bell boots on!

It was a clean pull off though so I did ride Dandy for a bit. We made it a quick ride because I didn’t want to do stress the foot as I have a lesson I’m still hoping to be able to take on Monday. But during our ride we got some really nice soft action. I was having trouble with forward, however, even though we were riding in the outdoor.

In fact, he was being a bit of silly pony and was trying to convince me that he was about to have a meltdown. I channeled my inner warrior princess though and said, no go forward. I don’t know why Dandy thinks the dumpster at the end of the arena is the gates of hell. He’s seen it about a million times. It never moves. I think next weekend I’m just going to sit at that end of the arena and go past it a million times until Dandy is sick of it.