Chugging Along

Had a really nice ride on Dandy the other day. I decided to ride inside to just not have to deal with a potential problem while JLE is in Montana and it was dinner time for the pony face. Except for a little squirliness when the dinner cart actually went through the aisle, Dandy was very focused and we had a good ride. I won’t go into too many details because it was all completely forward, forward, forward work. Dandy was extremely responsive and moved right off when I asked for more. And while I have to get more precise, I felt like we had some good moments when I asked for him to slow but keep the forward motion. We’re on our own for this week so we’ll just have to muddle along until after Rebecca Farms is over.

He’s trying to get the water bottle I sat on the edge of his stall (you can just barely see the blue under his nose)

But, on Saturday I sent in the forms for Dandy’s second chance at his first one day horse trial. JLE is going to ride him BN and I’m super excited to see how he does with a pro in the saddle who is not going to let him get away with anything. I wish I could have afforded to do both days of show but Eric and I also have a wedding so I guess this worked out.

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