Chugging Along

Things are going really well with Gus since our lesson on Saturday. We’re both working hard to really recreate that feeling but we are not always successful. Still, there is definite progress! We work for just short periods because I know it really fries his mind to do this. It’s a complete rewiring of his mind to learn to be supple instead of hollow. wpid-wp-1433288497499.jpeg

I also started with some trot poles yesterday. He was a little uncertain about walking over bright colored poles but thankfully he’s a thinker. If you tell him that yes, you do have to walk over those, he does. We just trotted over them until there were no more problems. And as always, we ended with a little hack around the property.


8 thoughts on “Chugging Along

  1. I’m glad that he is coming along so well! I think you’re right on about short periods. In my experience (not that it’s all that substantial by any means), OTTBs thrive off of the short period method.

  2. Yay for a great lesson and homework to work on. Slow and steady will make a great horse in the end 🙂

    Love that you have all the property to wander around!

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