Changing Herds

So this happened last week:

wpid-wp-1439823206935.jpegIt’s the second time that Gus has been mauled by one of the other geldings in his herd. I’m pretty sure I know who it is because I’ve seen this gelding be super aggressive to Gus in the past. The BM wanted to pass it off as them playing a little too rough (which they do to be fair) but I’ve seen this gelding go after Gus when I’m releasing him into the pasture, so yeah. Thankfully she agreed to try to get him mixed with another herd.

It seems to be going well. He made friends with two of the geldings over the fence on Friday and then was accidentally released into the group on Saturday (wasn’t supposed to until Monday). Apparently he got into a bit of a tiff with the third gelding but by the time I got there, they were just ignoring each other.

wpid-wp-1439823211910.jpegThe only thing that I am worried about is that when I got Gus out to ride on Saturday (because thankfully his wound is not under the saddle and doesn’t seem to be making him sore), was that he was calling for his new buddies constantly! Uh oh. No bueno Gus.

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    1. This is where I differ, I think it is so much better for them than individual turnout. That being said, you do have to watch herd dynamics. Not all group turnout is created equal!

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