The Last Dandy Update

As of late last week, I am no longer one of Dandy’s owners. The boy and I made a decision to sell our shares back to JLE and leave the syndicate before he was sold. This was not an easy decision but it was the right one for us.

Dandy at Jolene’s

Dandy then went on to have an absolute wonderful first outing where he FINISHED ON HIS DRESSAGE SCORE(!) in the Prelim division at the E.I. Horse Trials in Washington. I am so proud of that horse. He is growing up and finding his legs. I know he will make somebody a wonderful upper level horse.

I do wish that I had had the funds to bring him with me, to keep him and find someone to ride him and show him. I’ll admit, it’s fun being an owner but it’s hard when you can’t do your own riding as well. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had known I was going to find LT out here and could have her show him for me. But then I remember had I kept Dandy, I not only wouldn’t have Gus, I would probably be miserable and out of horses for good.

I will definitely continue to stalk (sorry future owner!) Dandy as he competes but this will probably be one of the last times he shows up on my blog. Good lucky Dandy Man! I’ll be rooting for you and I will always love you.

The Problem with Dandy

Well, Dandy is still for sale. No one has swept up this absolute sweetheart of a horse (and insanely talented to boot, not to mention braver than any other horse I’ve ever ridden) but I’m not really surprised. It’s winter. It’s the PNW. There’s not a lot of call for high priced geldings out there.


It sucks because I would buy him back in a heartbeat if I could. I actually have the money to be able to afford him but I don’t have the money to buy him, even if you expect what I’d be doing is buying out the rest of the syndicate instead of actually purchasing him (and would then get a “discount” on the price). It doesn’t keep me from dreaming.

I know the dream is unrealistic but I’ve really thought about how to get him back. I’ve added it all up, how much could I borrow from my grandma, from my parents, how much I could get from selling Gus, how much I could take out in a personal loan. Wondering if the syndicate would take payments.

Clearly I’ve lost it.


There’s just such an ache in my heart surrounding this horse. Part of it is just loosing him for good. Part of it is still feeling like I gave up on him. Part of it is the headache that this syndicate has been.

I hope his next person finds him soon. I hope he meets some talented junior or young rider or, heck, even another amateur like me and sweeps them of their feet. I hope somebody realizes what a nice horse he is and loves him the way I do.

In the meantime, enjoy the video of Dandy jumping in a clinic from last weekend (sorry about the bad quality but you can still see how great he looks!).

For Sale

Since the video is now officially out, it’s time for me to say it too: Dandy is for sale.

I am both devastated and ready to move on. Dandy is a wonderfully sweet horse and also the most talented horse I have ever had the chance to ride. I know he will find a fabulous new rider who will love him as much as I do.
And maybe, someday, if the stars align, our paths will cross again.

A Story… Nothing More

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about recent events and it reminded me that I have a story to tell. I mentioned it briefly on the blog before but didn’t pay too much mind to it because in the end it was no big deal.

Once upon a time, Dandy bit his tongue. The equine dentist was out to do his teeth and, because Dandy would just not settle down and is not a cheap date, he had been given an extra dose of sedative. In the chaos and the numbness, he bit his tongue. And it bled. A lot. There was no major injury and he healed fine but this was right before Dandy shipped off to California the first time around so I didn’t get to be around for the healing process. JLE told me several times how sore his mouth was and how she had to give him hay cube mush to get him eating again. Even though the whole point was for her to ride and train him in a show environment, she didn’t because his mouth was sore. Dandy’s tongue healing had to (rightly) come first.

Anyway, that’s my story. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

2016 Aspen Farms H.T. – A Dandy Update

Dandy completed in the Open Prelim division at Aspen Falls last weekend. He had his best Prelim dressage score ever with a 32.5 so that was an uplifting start to the weekend.


Unfortunately he pulled a rail in stadium (not totally surprising considering that ring is always a tough ride) and racked up a bunch of time faults in XC. Still, no jumping penalties on XC so that is a major plus. He has no issues with the fences, just behaving between them.

This was all good enough for eighth.

He was originally entered at E.I. in two weekends but he’s been scratched so now I’m not sure where his season is going. I’ll keep you updated!