Catching Up

I have not been in the best place of late, mentally and emotionally. Most of that’s due to stress and anxiety at work but it’s sadly been bleeding over to other aspects of my life, such as my relationship with Eric and riding Dandy. With my parents planning on coming out on Friday, I used “getting ready for their visit” as an excuse not to go see my horse for a week but it was just a terrible excuse. In reality, I was being lazy and starting to think that I would never be the rider Dandy deserves so why try?

Talk about a self fulfilling prophecy.

I almost let it happen again tonight. I put on my breeches and got ready to go out to the barn but then just sat around and told myself “I’ll go out tomorrow.” Blah. Luckily Eric came home and talking to him convinced me that I should go out for a little bit. And I’m glad I did.

Dandy and I didn’t have a long ride, but it was productive. I worked him in the front field, something I hadn’t done in a while. Clearly I need to put a hack or field work day back in my schedule because his OTTB was showing. Everything needed a look. While I did get his focus back and got him working, the main point of today’s training was actually to work on me. I tied a string to the d-rings and linked my pinkies in it to work on my elbows. I think it helped, we’ll see.

Having my parents here for the weekend was a nice treat. Guinness is exhausted after spending a week with his sister Sapphire. And I got Dandy’s slow feed hay net in the mail today! I’m excited to try that at his next show, hopefully it will keep him occupied at the trailer.

Otherwise, I’m just taking it one day at a time. That’s all I can do. Tomorrow I’m doing happy hour with a good friend. Definitely looking forward to that! Afterwards I’ll ride.