Catching Up Again

So it’s been a week. I’ve been very bad with my updating. To be honest, I went through some frustrating days where I just wasn’t feeling at all happy or inspired with anything. First of all, I’m having a horrid time finding a good barn to even go look at in Seattle since every place I call is either full or way out of my price range. But that doesn’t really matter since my planned trip out there next week got thrown out the window. I’ve decided that I’m not going to worry about finding a place for Dandy until I can actually be up there. Unfortunately that means that Dandy is going to be here through April. Oh well, such is life! In a month I’m going to move him to my jump trainer’s so that he can at least keep jumping while I’m gone. She wants to take him to a big hunter/jumper show… we’ll see 😉

To catch you all up on what has been going on:

Last Tuesday we did our second day of free jumping. Dandy did great again though we had some issues that kept us from going to much higher, *coughGuinnesscough*. He did get all the way up to four feet but since we had had to step back half way through we didn’t push him and left it at that.

I have noticed that Dandy is jumping a lot more confident since we’ve done the free jumping. Not that he wasn’t confident before but this is a whole new level. He is really picking up his withers and jumping nice. Mostly!

Thursday I had a GREAT jumping lesson. We worked on stringing a one stride and a two stride together and Dandy and I really did well. Madchen was going to raise it one higher but my legs were shaking (first time I had ridden in a week) so I asked to be done.

I know the video is blurry, but I promise that’s me!

I also got to “ride” Madchen’s new horse who is an ex-olympian! He’s 19 hands and a dinosaur but a sweetheart. If I knew how to spell his name I would share it with you so that you could all go look him up being awesome over the 1.50 m.


Unfortunately I got sick over the weekend so I didn’t get my hack in like I wanted but oh well.

Then we come to today. Oh today. Dandy was a nutso. Spooking at nothing, locking on to jumps that are not even in our path. Just being a dodo. I managed to work through it at the walk and trot but when he started being a jerk at the canter I said, nope! don’t want to get bucked off today. He was hopping and definitely thinking about it but luckily he didn’t do anything. So Madchen got on and jumped him. He was WILD.

Angry  Thoroughbred
Angry Thoroughbred
How Not to Jump
How Not to Jump

Guess it was just one of those days.

It’s kind of impressive how far out he can throw those front legs! I’d prefer for him to snap them up and pad the ground but it was not to be today. I still love him.

4 thoughts on “Catching Up Again

  1. His free jumping videos are great! Such a lofty, correct jumper. Don’t worry about those bad days. Sometimes when I get frustrated I just think about the whole, and usually there are 10 good days to outweigh the one really bad one.

  2. Agree with Lauren- he jumps so effortless over the box oxer in the free jumping!

    I feel ya on the bad days! Last night my horse was a nut in the cross ties and on the flat but hey that means he owes me a great ride/lesson now 🙂 Keep your head up 🙂

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