New Trainer is the queen of last minute adventures. And I LOVE that. The latest adventure was a 7:00 am text on Friday morning asking if we wanted to go horse camping that night. Um, yes?! Does anyone not say yes if they are at all available? Especially when New Trainer offers to bring both living quarter horse trailers so you don’t have to sleep in a tent?

I think not!


The place we camped was a really neat 100 acre farm. It’s one of those places that could be just beautiful if they kept it in shape. But, they let us camp there for the night so I shouldn’t complain too much. Gus didn’t seem to mind the new digs though he was quite annoyed that we were late with his dinner.


The only bad part about the whole place was the caretaker who kept bothering us. Somehow we had miscalculated and were $25 dollars short. We promised him we’d get him that in the morning before we left. Well, new trainer and woke up around 8:30 and started taking care of the horses. Before we could even toss hay this creepy guy was stalking us asking for money. And he was kind of creepy (and they’ve had issues with him on previous trips with him accusing new trainer and  new farrier of wanting to steal his horses). So new trainer wasn’t too happy and I think we’ll be finding a new place to camp.


But anyway, the actual camping was great! And we had planned to do a nice long 4-5 hour trail ride the next day. Unfortunately Gus had other plans.


About a half hour into the trail, Gus slid down a little piece of rock. I thought nothing of it until Eric said “oh look he lost a shoe!” Well, while looking I noticed he did not just lose a shoe, he had also pulled his second shoe half off. Wonderful.


So I pulled the shoe off (new farrier was quiet impressed) and tried to carry on. Unfortunately, it was just too rocky and we had to head back. Still, we all had a wonderful time and will be doing it again soon!



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