Camelot Equestrian Park Day 2

Day One

Day two at Camelot started bright and early thanks to Dandy’s hollering. To be fair to him, the workers who feed the boarded horses showed up so he was just wanting his fair share of the hay. So I got up and gave Dandy more hay as he had finally finished the pile I had given him the afternoon before. I also tried to feed the pup but he wouldn’t eat and cleaned out the trailer and Dandy’s pen. We were planning on leaving that afternoon so I figured it was best to get what I could done.

When Eric got up we tacked up Dandy and the two of them headed over to the dressage court to warm up. As usual Dandy was well behaved for Eric and didn’t care about anything new.

DSC_0514We then headed back out to the cross country course. Eric wasn’t going to jump him but he did take both the horse and the dog for a nice little gallop around the field. Guinness was just funny and almost caught his first rabbit. I’m glad he didn’t as it wouldn’t have been much fun to deal with a bloody dog and a dead rabbit. Not to mention that they squeal horribly.


At the end of the ride, Eric took Dandy into the water complex and let him drink as much as he wanted. I convinced him to try the little bank out of the water. Hey, we’re already here, you might as well have fun!


While Dandy chilled out and ate his grain. Eric went in to town and got us breakfast. I’m glad he did this as I was hungrier than I thought I would be. I just hung out with the pup and read a book. It was a nice and relaxing. I wish I could hang out on my deck with my dog, my horse and a good book all the time. That’s the dream!

Then it was my turn to take Dandy back up to the jumps. This time I wanted to focus a little more on getting to the jumps at the correct distance and being a little more relaxed. I think I met these goals.

First I strung together three logs to make a little practice course. Dandy had no problems going over these or even with the turning or cantering. So I moved onto the BN barrels which looked like fun. Since these were so easy I skipped up to the N barrels. Barrels are easy though as they encourage a horse to have a nice bascule.


BN Barrels
BN Barrels

We worked in the water some more. Where Dandy decided the only thing he wanted to do was drink it. Um, not okay. The first time I took him in he screeched to a halt and ripped the reins out of my hands. I laughed but privately I was having visions of this happening at full gallop in the middle of cross country. No more drinking in water complexes!

The rest of the ride was just me experimenting over different kinds of jumps. We went over the BN trakehner which I was disappointed to see was only a faux trakehner without a ditch. I also went over the smallest stone wall but probably shouldn’t have as the footing was pretty bad right there.


My big victory of the day was the N Shark Tooth jump. I had been staring at it for two days and wanted to go over it so badly but it was scary and big! Except, it really wasn’t bigger or wider than anything Dandy had done before. We’ve jumped higher. We’ve jumped wider. But this was solid. I didn’t want to jump anything that scared me and would teach Dandy to not jump, but at the same time I didn’t want to leave Camelot without jumping everything I wanted to. And we could do this.


So we did! We went over it two times and both times Dandy took a real hard look at it before plopping over but I stayed off his back and rode him with determination. I was so so  happy that we did that jump. It gave me a lot of confidence that I can actually get to prelim someday. Which was something I was starting to doubt after seeing all the big solid jumps at Camelot.

After that, all we had was the long scary drive home down a mountain. Thank god I had a wonderful fearless driver. Though I did notice his knuckles were a little white when we passed the sign that said “Cliff next three miles.”


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