California Dreamin'

It is all but official (meaning I will know officially on Monday evening and will tell my trainer) but Dandy is going to California with JLE for the last half of March! He won’t be competing but he will have a non compete stall at the Copper Meadows H.T. and hopefully the Galaway Downs International Horse Trials. In between he’ll be staying with one of the people JLE trains with when she is in CA.

This is going to be an expensive trip but worth it. There isn’t any going home for Dandy for three weeks, just show to temporary barn to show. Plus he’ll hopefully be able to learn from JLE’s horse that this isn’t a big deal. I am worried about how he’s going to do at Galaway since that is a huge show and the grounds are massive and include racehorses(!) but that’s why he’s going I suppose.

After he comes home we’ve got another derby at Aspen, the Inavale one days and then hopefully he’ll go to his first recognized show back at Aspen. I was really hoping to get on him for the Inavale H.T. at the end of June but the boy and I are taking a trip for the 4th of July and the dates just won’t match. Unsure if I’ll have JLE take him regardless.

But there’s so much to do to get ready for a trip like this! I’m just glad he’s not actually competing because that would be even more stressful. I just need to have coolers and blankets all cleaned and packed, make sure he’s going to have enough supplements (might need to call SmartPak and get those sent early), and any miscellaneous thing such as boots packed as well. There’s probably going to be a massive clipping day after the March 8th Derby as well.