Buy All the Things

No one, unless you were there in the store with me, will truly understand or appreciate the amount of restraint and self will I showed today.

Holy Ground

It was of course closed by the time I flew in to Minnesota last night so I went sort of first thing this morning.

It. Was. Amazing.

They had EVERYTHING I could have wanted. And it was huge. Way bigger than I was expecting. Seriously, I hadn’t even made it out of the 10×10 area that had bits and bridles and girths and so much other stuff when I already had ten things in my hands. Eight of those things got put back. Then there were the saddles. I just ran my hands over all the pretty leather and forced myself not to pull a single saddle off the rack. I was a good girl. There were just so many little things that I thought would be so awesome to have but nothing that I needed right that moment. And it was so nice being able to see and feel the items instead of just seeing them in the catalog. For instance, the Newmarket Handy Pad that I’ve been debating on? For sure want it now. Maybe after I get a job.

Using all that self will I mentioned earlier, I managed to get out without too much damage.

But not without a goodie bag.

The whole run down included two saddle pads (seriously, 9.99/each?! How could I pass that up), vienna reins, a bit to lunge converter, a bag for my clippers, orange electrical tape, and some light brown hair nets. Thank you, Cinnamon, for funding my pilgrimage.

Now I am just sitting here surrounded by the pretties and wishing my horse was here to use them on. But I also can’t wait to go to B-Dubs with Jols and Monty tonight. It will be most excellent.

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