But He Started It

You know when little kids start fights and then blame each other? That was Dandy and I last night.

“Yeah, but he started it!”

And thankfully for us, JLE finished it.

It was supposed to be another jumping lesson but the minute I asked for contact and forward movement, Dandy decided that he just couldn’t do that. He was so stuck behind my leg that he actually felt off. JLE said he looked fine and once I was able to get him moving, I agreed that he felt fine, but it wasn’t what I had in mind for our lesson. We spent the whole 45 minutes working on counter bending and turning left. *Headdesk*

JLE had to keep reminding me not to try to muscle him around the turns but Dandy was so against me in every way that it was instinct to try to fight him. The one good thing about all of this was that Dandy was taking more pressure than he normally puts up with. There were no outbursts or temper tantrums when I asked for more and used my whip, just an unwillingness to go forward.

I think that’s going to be the frustrating thing about the next year with Dandy. Now that we’ve gotten through the temper tantrum and me being too frightened to ride him, I fear that we’re going to be constantly dealing with a new evasion the minute we get past the old one. At least he didn’t react to the whip which was the last evasion we’ve been working on.

But in other news, the dogs have there first agility trial tomorrow! I am so excited for this. I know that Harley and I are probably not going to Q or place because she is crazy but I hope it will be fun regardless. Eric and G will probably do amazing because G is so well behaved and will do anything for Eric. I will try to be back tomorrow to do photos and a recap of day one but it will all depend on how late we’re there on Saturday.

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