Busy Weeks

We are in the thick of it now with summer right around the corner and show season really cranking up for our barn. It seems like just about every week for the next four or five months has another show or clinic and those that don’t are already spoken for with non-horsey activities like bachelorette parties and working on the house. I’m more excited for the bachelorette party then working on the house but such is life as an adult.

I missed last week’s Chatt Hills Schooling 3 Day which I’m pretty bummed about because I thought I was going to be at the Carolina International to see Dandy run. The ended up not happening and by the time I found out Dandy wasn’t coming east, Chatt was full. So the weekend turned to cleaning up the rest of the trash in the yard and doing some major organizing in the garage. Not a complete waste but not what I would have chosen.

This weekend though, is another jumping clinic with Lainey and, after the success of our outing at Ashland, I moved us up from the BN group to the Novice group. I think this will be a good challenge for us but I no longer worry that I will be over facing us. Last year, around this time, I was stressing about putting myself in the Beginner Novice level for Stephen Bradley but that ended up being the push we needed to step it up. I’m thinking this clinic will do the same.

In the meantime, Gus and I have been hard at work with our dressage which brings out all sorts of opinions in both of us. I like dressage and Gus is totally fancy enough but why is it so hard?! Good thing we have trot sets and jump clinics to break up the monotony.

3 thoughts on “Busy Weeks

  1. You’ll be fine in the Novice group for Lainey. I rode in the Novice group and me and Hampton jump like twice a year and have never run a recognized event. She never overfaced us and we jumped all the things!

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