Busy Days


Things are a little crazy  right now. We are closing on a house on Thursday so we have been spending all of our spare time packing and trying to get out of the house by the end of July (a situation I did not help myself with by signing up for the Chatt Hills Schooling Show on the 30th). Originally we thought we’d continue to pay our lease on our current place through the end of August and possibly into September depending on how fast the landlord could get it rented. But literally a day after we told her we were buying a place, she had people in looking at it and yesterday she let us know it is officially rented as of August 10th. This is wonderful because it saves us a month and a half of rent but does not leave us a lot of time.


So there is that. And the wedding. And moving Gus. And trying to get ready for Chatt. Which is a little hard to do when your horse has pulled a shoe and left all of the nails in.

Should have named him Cinderella.


All this is to say that you may not hear from me much in the next two weeks as I lose internet and try to keep my life in order. Thankfully the farrier will be out today to put new shoes on but I don’t know when I’m going to have time to actually ride.


Not that Gus cares, he’s happy to just chill in his field. But I might when I see how big those fences look in a few weeks!


6 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. Hope everything goes smoothly! Moving stinks but it’ll feel so good when you guys are settled into the house… Also now you should use the money saved for HTs 😉

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