It was -1 degrees fahrenheit when I arrived at the barn bright and early to hook up the trailer. -1! Yuck. I hate the cold.

IMG_5702People think I should be used to this sort of weather seeing as I grew up in Minnesota and a normal high in January is about 5 degrees. Well, that may be true but in Minnesota I also had the advantage of a completely inclosed indoor arena, having the arena attached to the barn so I never had to go outside, AND (when I was paying the same I was here) a heated indoor. Now heated is really only about 35 degrees but man it made all the difference. But all of that is to say I HATE THE COLD.

Despite that, I still had a good lesson on Dandy. We worked on a grid and a vertical on the diagonal, mostly focusing on my posture and my hands. I can feel that I’m making huge progress from where I was a few months ago. For example, my turn into the grid was great. I was still leaning to the left over the last jump in the grid which threw me off balance and made me drop my hands onto Dandy’s neck but at least now I can feel the problem. On the vertical on the diagonal I was working on leg yielding Dandy over, making our line straight, and keeping him from drifting to the right. This was hard. I have to remember to keep my leg active over the jump and not just forget about everything when we get to the base correctly. One thing I was happy to see was that Dandy is getting very good about going deep and jumping himself out, even when it’s me instead of Madchen on his back.

Today Dandy is getting a training ride with Kristen. I’m excited to hear how he does.

Hopefully it warms up soon!

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