Brought to You by the Letter Q

So that was a long but totally fun filled day!

We got there right away in the morning because we didn’t know if the morning briefing was something we needed to be there for or not. Turns out it was interesting and I’m glad we went to it once, but next time our classes aren’t scheduled to start until noon I am not getting there at seven!

Because our first class (Guinness in Regular Intro 1) didn’t actually end up starting until after 2. Sigh. But once we were able to get into the ring, it was awesome. Guinness unfortunately didn’t qualify in any of his classes because he was too slow! The one class where he had a fast clean run (and probably would have Q’d) he unfortunately ran out of the arena as soon as he crossed the finish line. Oh silly pup. He still managed to get two thirds (weaves and jumpers) and a fourth (Regular 1).

Harley did just great too. Her first class was weavers and unfortunately she ran right past the weave poles so we got a NQ but still placed fifth (of five…). But her jumper class was just about perfect!

And she Q’d! She also got second place. Good girl!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!