Breeders’ Cup 2012

I am back from my totally awesome trip to the Breeders’ cup at Santa Anita! I love the Breeders’ Cup and this is the fourth one I’ve been to (Belmont ’01, Santa Anita ’09, Churchill ’10 and Santa Anita ’12). Eric and I actually met through a mutual friend at the 2009 Breeders’ Cup so it holds a special place in my heart. Not to mention that it was the year Zenyatta won her Classic.

We had a great time. The boy and I left bright and early Thursday morning with the puppy in tow. It was supposed to be an eight hour drive but somehow we shaved more than an hour off that and got in at 3:00 pm. We stayed with the wonderful, ES, who pretty much demanded that we bring Guinness so he could play with Dexter (her GSD). They got a long very well… almost too well! When we took the bones away so there would be no fighting in the back yard the two decided to make their own toys from the vines and banana plant. Silly dogs!

Dexter – I got the ball!
Guinness – I don’t know why we’re running around but I love you!

ES and two other girls that were also staying with ES ended up working for the Daily Racing Form and Barbara Livingston so they had to leave at 5:00 am to get to the track on Friday! Yuck! It’s pretty awesome that they got to go all over the track and get awesome pictures. Although, Eric and I did get to sleep in so that might trump having a press credential.

Pretending I have credentials with the lovely ES and EM.

Santa Anita is one of the best places to host the Breeders’ Cup if you’re there on a budget because you can get to the paddock to view the horses and get a good spot on the rail to view the races if you don’t have a seat. We ended up spending most of Friday going back and forth, meeting up with friends and taking lots and lots of photos.

There were so many cute grays! I was seriously ready to put a few of them in my purse and take them home.

Spring in the Air (Juvenile Fillies), not a gray but she walks like Zenyatta. It was funny to watch the whole paddock go “OOOOH!” and point.
Beholder (Juvenile Fillies) decides to not be a sprinter today and upsets Executive Privilege to win.

The best race of the day was definitely Royal Delta’s Distaff (I refuse to call it the Ladies Classic). She was the heavy favorite for a reason. In the paddock she was in command. I commented to a friend that there was no way she was going to lose.

Saturday it was a bit more crowded – and much hotter! – so after the first few races, we gave up trying to go back and forth and ended up just chilling on the rail. Eric’s good friend Glenn came out which was great because I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet. He was a good guy and definitely got into the spirit of betting.

Shackelford having a hissy fit in the paddock before the Dirt Mile.

Speaking of, I had a great weekend betting wise when I wasn’t putting money down. When I had a ticket in hand, however, failure. I think the only race I got anything back on was the mile where I had an exacta box on Animal Kingdom and Wise Dan.

By the end of the day Saturday, Eric and I were exhausted so after dinner with friends we went to bed. No midnight trip to the beach this year! Instead we went riding at ES’s home barn (super awesome jump arena!) and took Guinness to a dog friendly beach in Santa Barbra the next day before a very long trip home.

Can’t wait for next year!¬†¬†Apparently we’re not going next year. Sad. Good thing this year was so much fun.

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