Breeches vs the Wedding Dress

I’m getting married in less than a year. Crazy. I feel like we just got engaged! But in a few weeks my mom and sister are flying down to go wedding dress shopping with me. This is, sadly, the only part of planning the wedding that I’m actually looking forward to. I’ve tried on a few dresses already but didn’t find anything I loved, though it did help me find out what I actually liked and what looked good on me.


I suppose I’m like every bride to be in that I want to lose weight for my wedding day and order a dress a whole size down from what I currently wear. I certainly am making all the right noises… but I haven’t been very consistent. I kicked the sweet habit for a few days but couldn’t keep it going. I started running. I got better with portion sizes… but none of it sticked.

That is until I saw my beautiful white Aztec Diamond breeches with the black lace. The ones that fit beautifully only a year ago but I hadn’t actually gotten a chance to wear (true story, tags are still on). I pulled them on and, to my relief, they zipped but truthfully, they looked horrid. They were pulled tight and I had a unseemly muffin top sticking out. Yuck.


And that’s when things got serious. There was no way in hell I was going to not be able to fit in my white breeches! I’m proud to say that I have already lost 5 lbs and I did it during the Thanksgiving Holidays. Not really sure how I did that except that I was careful with the booze, drank lots of water and skipped the mash potatoes.

I can do this!

15 thoughts on “Breeches vs the Wedding Dress

  1. I need to get motivation to lose weight as well. Funny enough making sure my breeches fit is also my motivation.

    I did not want the stress of ordering a dress too small… That said my wedding dress was ball gown style so since I’m more bottom heavy that part was hidden. I didn’t have to have any alterations done so I was really lucky. I couldn’t gain any weight after I bought my dress though. 🙂

  2. HA i love it!!! and relate so hard – plenty of times on the treadmill when i just didn’t wanna, i repeated ‘but white breeches, emma. white breeches.’ good luck!

  3. I did this Whole 30 diet before my wedding. It was actually because I was having skin reactions to food and not because I wanted to lose weight, but I did lose a lot of weight. It was intense. I might need to do it again.

    1. I’m planning on that in January. I’ve been testing recipes the last few months so I can just dive in. Didn’t want to forgo my holiday favorites!

    2. Another vote for Whole 30! I’ve done 3 rounds of it and while I don’t always lose weight, I always feel way better about myself and my food choices.

      I didn’t even try to lose weight for my wedding- I had so many other things to stress out about that I simply tried to enjoy exercising a few times a week and eat sensibly. Good luck!

  4. They are the best breeches. And that is a very pretty dress! I have to kind of keep on the paleo diet for lyme disease, and it is quite helpful for some people to lose weight as well. Plus, there are some great recipes!

  5. They are gorgeous breeches and you look amazing in that dress! Best of luck! I’m really glad I don’t have to worry about the whole wedding thing. 😉 Def not my favorite.

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