Today I practiced my braiding skills on Dandy. It went… okay. It’s been so long since I’ve had to do any braids and hunters are the pickiest so I want to make sure I get plenty of practice done before hand. Plus, Dandy really needs practice standing in the cross ties so it’s good for him too. He was so ornery today. Moving around, tossing his head, pawing. I gave him a little whack every time he either pawed or tried to knock me off the block and by the end though he was standing there nice.

It’s hard to braid when you have a horse that is two feet taller than you… Still I did about fourteen braids before I got bored and decided to move onto tying up the braids.

And then I got bored after tying up six. Hehe.

I’m actually pretty happy with them for the first go around. At least I remembered all the right steps! They are too knobbed however and don’t look quite as flat as they’re supposed to for hunters. That’s something I’ll fix and will get better with as I practice. They should also be a bit straighter and more even.

I’m ┬ánot sure I like the brown; even if he is chestnut. I might have to try black and see if that looks better. Might be too stark for him.

My helper… Guinness LOVED the wool. Not only did he want to play with the little pieces I had cut off, he actually stole the whole spool from my bag. I am starting to think he is part cat.

Also not bad, although the forelock braid is much easier (at least I think so). At this point Dandy was starting to act up again and I had forgotten to wet it down so it’s not as tidy as I’d like. The forelock braid is my favorite to do.

I had a fun time though I’m afraid it might have been a bit boring for Eric. He was a good sport. I wish it hadn’t been so windy so we could have gone for a trail ride but such is life. I’m going to practice again once he sheds out and gains more weight so he doesn’t look so weird.