Lesson on Friday was good. Rode Dandy in his new bit but it was still a bit too long. Dang! I had no idea Dandy had such a narrow face. But JLE likes the bit so she’s going to buy it off me and I’ll get one that fits better. Dandy did go really well in it so I’m not against buying a properly fitting one even if JLE wasn’t going to be helping me out here.

We did all our normal stuff in lesson, working on getting him forward and round, using his back and going where I want. JLE had me ride just a foot off the track and to keep him there all the way around. Well, Dandy was like a ping pong ball between my legs. He’d drift towards the rail and I’d apply that leg but forget to keep him in place with the inside leg. Back and forth we went. It got better at the end but it took a lot of concentration on my part!

The new thing we’re trying to start working on is the stretchy circle at the trot. There was a moment after we finished our canter work where Dandy felt heavy in my hands in a good way. Where he wanted to take the contact and stretch down. Unfortunately I gave him too much rein too soon and we lost the contact. At least this gives me something else to work on.

Today JLE’s bodyworker, S, came out and I signed up Dandy. I was just amazed watching her work with my boy. Apparently he had his first rib out on both sides (which is probably why he’s still girthy), both stifles were so sore she was surprised that Dandy was allowing anything and he had four vertebrae out in his neck. Sorry big boy, I didn’t know you were hurting so badly! So he’s off for 48 hours to give him time to heal. S definitely thinks all of this may have been cause for his naughtiness and that wouldn’t surprise me at all. Hopefully he’ll start feeling better this next week.

This upcoming weekend is the last horse trial in area VII and we’re going as a non compete! Can’t wait to give Dandy a taste of what this is going to be like next year.

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  1. Sounds like he should be feeling good and all in alignment!!

    I try to ride off the rail too and man you have to be on your game to keep them straight!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your outtig!!

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