Blue Ribbon Attitude

I finally got my computer back! Yay! Which means I’m also finally through with editing the videos (though I made a few mistakes on the Intro B Collective Marks section, but oh well). This has been siting in my draft folder for a week, it just needed the fun stuff.

We arrived at the show grounds around 8:30 am after having to make a slight detour thanks to some misreading of directions. Even when I’ve there before I still manage to get us lost. But we had it and got a prime parking spot. Score. Eric took care of Dandy and the dogs (setting up their kennel and getting water) so I could run up and get checked in. Even though my first ride wasn’t until another two hours I wanted to get Dandy warmed up pronto as I still didn’t know which horse I had that day.

It was clear after just walking over to the round pen that I had my calm sensible baby thoroughbred. He was an angel. I still went through WTC in the round pen before taking him back to the trailer for a good grooming. For once in his life Dandy was content to stand calmly at the trailer and eat his hay. Is my baby growing up?


Warm up couldn’t have gone better. Dandy was quiet and soft in my hands. We even worked on the canter, even though I wouldn’t be needing it until my second test, and he picked up each lead nicely. I was so proud of him.

Finally it was time to ride Intro B. We trotted into the ring all cool and prepared. The bell rang and I turned Dandy down centerline, almost forgetting to halt at X. Our move off was prompt and marching. And then Dandy saw the hat. Well after that spook (which we got a rightful 3 on) I had trouble getting my guy to calm down for the rest of the test. Now he had to look at everything, counter bend, and just be a goofball. All I could do is laugh and continue on.

We ended up scoring a 55% which I think was very fair. We ended up being last in our class of six but I feel better knowing that I wasn’t the worst score of all Into B tests (there were two classes) -and that had we not had that spook, we wouldn’t have been last in our class either. The judge loved Dandy and how he moved (she gave us a 7 on gaits) which was very encouraging, but she also gave us a ton to work on. Still, the fact that even with that freak out, Dandy came back to me and was able to continue. Huge improvement from some of our other attempts at showing.


Warm up for Intro C was just about as good. Except the ring was busier and Dandy was not a fan. And those canter transitions that had been so nice earlier were not so good. Mainly I couldn’t get him to pick up the right lead at all. Oh well.


This time as we came down centerline there was no spooking. The only major issue we had was predictably the right lead canter which wasn’t picked up. But you just have to go on to the next movement. The judge loved Dandy’s canter though, which she called lofty. After a less than relaxed free walk we ended with a halt and a quick chat with the judge. Of all the intro riders, I was the only one that I saw that wasn’t just waved along. She wanted to know how old he was as he was clearly new to all of this and commented that she loved his name. Thanks I love it too!

This time we ended with a 61.75% and third place. I’m so proud of my Dandy boy. I knew he would do well if I could just get him to relax. This show was nicely run and their first judge was great. I’m already planning on going back for the rest of the series.


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