Blog Hop: Our Commercial Moment

This blog hop from Viva Carlos came at the perfect time because I just bought my huge big ticket item: my saddle! Yup, it’s official. I put a down payment on it today. So excited.

But there are always things I need and so my other list is as follows:

1. New Equine Wear X-Country Airflow Boots for both front and hind. I consider these essential because we don’t have nice XC boots and are currently running around in our Woof boots. Nothing wrong with those of course but I’d like something nicer and with more protection.

2. An Ogilvy Jumper Half Pad. I know it might just be a fad but I think they’re pretty neat looking and I am hearing great things about them. I guess I need a large for my size 18 saddle. I’d also like to get a few of the baby pads and the eventing shaped pad.