Blog Hop: Hoarding Confessions

Thank the Lord for blog hops! I’ve been debating if I was even going to have anything to post this week. Between having guests in, getting ready for the holidays, work, and the rain… Gus has had a lot longer break than I was anticipating and truthfully, he’s probably going to be getting a break until at least after Christmas. Maybe the New Year.

Lucky Pony. I wish someone would just tell me I don’t have to go to work for a week.


Anyway, Amanda at The 900 Facebook Pony is doing a blog hop on what we collect. I really had to think about this.

Being that it’s Christmas, the first thing I thought about that was horsey were my ornaments. Obviously I have a lot of horse ornaments but my favorites are the Pony for Christmas Ornaments. It’s a series and I have every one (or I did until Guinness destroyed a handful of them… I’m still working on replacing them). I think they are so cute!


But as far as actual riding things, I’m not really a collector. I like to buy nice equipment but I don’t horde on anything because I don’t have a lot of money. If I find something I love in orange though… you better watch out! It’ll probably end up in my cart.


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