Blinged Out

You might have noticed that Gus had some major bling during dressage at Poplar.

Well, I decided that being he has a fancy dressage saddle and is now a fancy dressage horse, he needed a fancy dressage bridle to match! So off on a search I went. I originally wanted the Schockemohle Picasso bridle but, much to my dismay, I found that it was no longer being made and the only ones I could find left in cob were brown. This would have been fine a few months ago but now my dressage saddle is black. A brown bridle simply won’t do. Eventually I found the Schockemohle Den Haag which was almost exactly the same except with a flat (instead of rolled) flash and a different brown band.

I ordered it from a shop in Europe so I was understandably a bit nervous about getting it on time and getting it at all! There was actually a whole thing with the post office because they tried to deliver it while I was at work and when I went to get it they said it wasn’t there! Panic moment. I asked them to look again and thankfully they found it.

I’m really pleased with how the rolled leather looks on Gus. He’s got a very refined face and I think it emphasizes all the right places. I also LOVE the bling. Yes, it’s a lot but you can barely tell that Gus has a star and stripe anymore so it’s not competing with any markings. Plus, Gus is fabulous. He needs a bridle that will show that fabulousness off. I am not the only one who thinks that either as we received a lot of compliments on it at the show. Even the judge told us we had a fantastic turnout.

This is the most expensive bridle I’ve ever purchased but I’m happy with everything about it. The leather is really nice, even the rolled bits which I was afraid would be too stiff. It even came with rolled/rubber reins which helps complete the look. The only negative about the bridle is that it is a very BIG cob. I had to add holes to the throat latch for poor Gus and it is still a little big and if I wanted to actually use the flash I’d need to add some more holes there as well (but I keep it really loose and only ride it in because I like the look). This isn’t an official review post but, all in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Schockemohle bridle.

4 thoughts on “Blinged Out

  1. He looks great in that bridle!
    I have a Schockemohle San Diego Fig 8 bridle that I love. Unfortunately Cosmo doesn’t go in it anymore. Bu tit’s so pretty and well made. Schochkemohle does tend to run a little big. I think all their “full” size bridles and halters are based on warmbloods. Cosmo’s full size is a little big for him as well.

    1. That’s really good to know! I really like how well their bridles are made for the price point so I can definitely see myself buying another one.

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