Bling It Up

I also had another project I took on when I went on my vacation. I took a page out of Lauren at SheMovedtoTexas‘ book and decided to bling up one of the inexpensive USG Fly Veils. Last Christmas we all received fly veils with JLE badges on them. I was really touched by the gift but wanted something a bit more exciting. So to the internet I went and found the closest colored bonnet I could find from the USG line. Unfortunately, the closest I could find was this blue one with red cord. Not really what I wanted but I knew I could work with it.

20140701_115856 So when that arrived, I went to the store and purchased new white cording and bling. I also pulled the JLE patch off my old bonnet.

20140701_115945Taking the red cord off was actually really easy. I just used a seam ripper and worked slowly. I was surprised to see what the bonnet looked like without it though.

20140701_121923Next was adding the white cord. This was harder because I had to do it all by hand. Eventually I got the hang of it and it turned out pretty well.

20140701_140948I don’t have a picture of it, but the worst part was sewing the JLE patch on. It’s thick and I wanted to make it look like it wasn’t sewn on at all. The bling was the easiest, but I had done that before with the orange bonnet so I knew what to expect there.

20140701_160737And finally, after a whole lot of little stitches I had a completed project. I’m so excited about it. It looks great.

20140702_084237   Now I just hope it fits Dandy.


17 thoughts on “Bling It Up

    1. I got the bling at JoAnne Fabrics but you could probably find it at most craft stores. To sew it on I pushed a needle up through one color cord placed the bling between the two and then sewed down through the second color cord. So you’re making a loop between each crystal.

    1. I was worried about how hard it would be to do so but it worked out really well. The hardest part was taking care of the cord under the ear part. But I just snipped it really close and then pulled the cord apart.

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