I woke up Monday knowing that it was just going to be one of those days (hopefully not weeks!). How did I know that? Because my throat was feeling like a scratch off ticket. Whatever Eric had been sick with all weekend, he had given it to me. Ugh.

It had been raining all night but had slowed down in the early morning so when Guinness woke me up at 7:00 I had no qualms with letting him outside. Actually, I was glad to because it meant he would stop crawling all over me. So just a few minutes before Eric had to leave for work he went to let Guinness inside only to find he had been digging in the rocks (again!) and was covered in mud up to his knees. Eric picks up the pup who starts thrashing around the minute he realizes he’s going to be deposited in the bath tub and I do my best to wash off the muck. By the time Guinness is clean, he’s shaking from fear and his ears are flattened. I feel awful but what am I going to do? I let him jump out of the tub so I can take a shower only to get cold water. Guess I’m not washing my hair yet. Ugh.

So now I’m sick, cold, feeling gross and dealing with a puppy who only wants to play outside in the mud. The last thing I want to do is work. So I do an hour and tell myself that I’m going to do more later that night after a nap. I was semi good with that.

Anyway, remember how I mentioned that we had finally gotten snow? Well the GE crew decided they were going skiing and Eric was stoked to finally try his powder skis. They have been sitting in our garage since he bought him. As much as I wanted to go, I knew that a) it would be a bad idea with being sick and b) there was no way they’d just go up skiing for a few hours… they’d go skiing, sit in the lodge and drink for a few hours and then probably go up to GB and drink more or else get dinner. I was going to work that evening, couldn’t go. Well, apparently I missed the best ski day ever according to Eric. I mean, I’m not a very good skier but I like skiing in powder too! So that was another sad moment.

So basically I spent all afternoon moping myself and trying to work up some sort of clarity so I could work. I was feeling so down about my progress with Dandy that I didn’t really get much done. I know this is going to take time, but it’s so hard to remember that when I’m on him and my legs are killing me from asking him to bend. Also I’m upset because I think he’ll ┬ámake a great eventer and our trainer only seems focused on hunters which makes me wonder if I’m completely crazy. When we went to school at an indoor arena on Sunday, I took him out around the farm and he was so good. He didn’t even hesitate to walk through the huge puddles and none of the crazy construction stuff bothered him. The only issue he had all day was that he was the last one I took out of the trailer and he didn’t want to be left alone. I’m worried that I’m totally reaching for the moon here. But I have to remember he was really good, he is trying to bend and I even got him cantering so yay!

It was just a rough night and I was still all muddled from both being sick and the drugs. I worked another hour but I just couldn’t concentrate. Eric was out drinking and eating awesome pizza so I was a little lonely. Plus that scratchy throat is the worst thing ever. There is just nothing you can do about it.

And then what does Eric bring home for me?


Yes, flowers. Also hot chocolate. Do I have the best guy or what?

Anyway, still sick and still not wanting to work but I’ve already done three hours today so it’s getting better. We went out to feed Dandy during Eric’s lunch break. I had to chase all the other dominate horses away. When we were done, Dandy went back to eating his pile of hay and the little pony Schnapps tried to run him off and Dandy went. after. him. Yikes! Schnapps is like a third of Dandy’s size and they were rearing at each other. Dandy had his legs wrapped around Schnapps neck. Wish I had had a camera with me, cause I doubt I’ll ever see Dandy be that aggressive again. Of course, he is very food motivated so you never know.