Bits & Pieces

Apologies for the lack of horse related posts recently.  It’s not that I haven’t been riding and that I don’t have things to share, it’s just that I’m trying so hard to put my day to day life back together.

Work seems to be falling apart at the seams. So to help me get back on track I bought journals. 

It might seem silly but lists help me. Today’s also really depressed me when I put together today’s work to dos. Spoiler alert… I only got through a third of it. But each day will get better!

And luckily I have this cutie to entertain me.

She is very sneaky and keeps climbing on the new couch even though we are trying to retrain her to stay off. 

At this point I am love with the new saddle and I promise to share lots of photos once I have leathers and a sunny day for the boy to come out and take them. It’s crazy how much having a short flap helps. 

But things will settle in shortly I’m sure. I’m sick of feeling out of control so it’s time to change the paradigm.