Bit Found?

Had an incredibly fun but also intense jump lesson on Wednesday. The actual grid work we did wasn’t that hard (BN height double bounce to various other fences) except that we were doing them up hill and then downhill.

We are going to be pros as this up and downhill riding by the end of the year let me tell you!

I was really struggling on the downhill approach, it was like the first fence would just disappear from my brain and I wouldn’t know what to do. Thank God, Gus doesn’t need a perfect set up and he carried our butts through the grid every time. New trainer was yelling at me to support with the outside leg the entire way through the grid but I just was blanking.

Then we came through and Gus too exception to something I did and got me out of my stirrups. Did I pull up and quit the exercise? No, we rode through it anyway. And you know what? Because I was actually using my legs to stay on, the exercise rode beautifully. At least after that I knew what the feeling was supposed to be and new trainer did not take away the stirrups.

But the best part of the night was that I think we found a winner in the bit department.


Just a simple single link, two ring gag. No theatrics when I would half halt but there were breaks! So I went home and found the perfect size on ebay. Both it and my new bridle are supposed to be here on Tuesday. Can’t wait!

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  1. Ha that’s awesome! I had a similar experience doing grid work once when I lost my stirrups and suddenly everything got better. Funny how that works (but I still don’t drop my stirrups on purpose very often lol)

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