While I was at home, I may have mentioned to my dad (an engineer) that I wanted to make a bench that would lock into my tack trunk to sit on at horse shows. It was just kind of a passing thought but before I knew it, he was at Home Depot, measuring and purchasing the wood I’d need to make my idea happen.


I really couldn’t have made this without my dad’s help. He’s so precise. Even though I know you are supposed to measure twice, cut once, I am really bad at actually doing it. Inevitably, I always screw up projects. Thankfully, my dad does not.


Even Harley “helped” by cleaning up the sawdust. She’s so weird.

20140701_133537 20140701_125634 20140701_133701I chose to spray paint the bottom because, even if you won’t see it (the edge is covered by the vinyl covering) I wanted to protect it from rain and just help it weather a bit better. I don’t plan on leaving it out in the rain but this is the Pacific Northwest. It’s going to get rained on.


That evening, we got down to making the cushion! My mom and I had gone to JoAnne Fabrics earlier in the day and thank God for 4th of July sales. Foam is ridiculously expensive but it was half off for the holiday. We decided to go with 3 inch thick foam but I think you’d be fine doing 2 inch.


20140701_203808 20140701_204007

To cover it, we got Marine Vinyl. While I debated it, in the end I went with black. It’s classic, matches the trunk and probably won’t look as badly faded as the blue I was considering.


After the foam and fabric was measured and cut, my dad and Eric started stapling it to the base. I also had this crazy idea to put buttons on it which I quickly regretted. Covering buttons with Marine Vinyl is hard! So hard that I made Eric do all six of them. And then in the end decided to not use them.

20140701_210015 20140701_213659


All in all, the materials cost about $80 so it is not a cheap project. Time wise, it didn’t take too long, maybe three hours but you definitely need to know someone with all the right tools.

20140701_213911 20140701_214129

I am so glad I ended up making this! It is so comfy and fits into the top of my Stanley trunk perfectly! I know I’m going to have the best trunk to sit on this weekend at Whidbey Island H.T.


19 thoughts on “Benched

  1. I have a Stanley trunk too. Love it. Will you have to remove that everytime you need to get in your trunk?

    Neat project!

    1. Hmm, you know I hadn’t thought about it. I suppose it will open with it on but probably fall off if I open it too high. Luckily it’s pretty light. I’ll test it this weekend and let you know what I find out.

  2. Can I borrow your dad? I have about eighteen projects that I want to complete that I have neither the experience nor the tools for… 🙂

    I wish this would work for my Husky trunk! But then.. I’d actually have to go to shows to justify it.

    1. Lol. That’s how I feel. I’m always like “oooh! I should do this! but I don’t have the tools or the experience. Maybe when I go home and see my dad.”

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