Believe You Can

I believe pedigree is important but when I was looking into buying Gus I didn’t do much beyond checking out the basics, and I liked what I saw. Gus has a very pretty sport horse pedigree and is very well bred. Stevie Wonderboy’s stud fee was 15k when El Fasto was bred to him. Someone believed in that mare.

Still, I didn’t really look into his pedigree. So imagine my surprise when I shared my news with one of my best friends who works in the business out in California.


So yeah, with a little more digging it turns out that Gus’ dam, El Fasto, is also the dam of Believe You Can who won a little race called the Kentucky Oaks. Excuse my language but HOLY FUCK. It means basically nothing in the sport horse world and nothing in the long run because Gus is a gelding but how cool is that?

13 thoughts on “Believe You Can

  1. I think having class behind them can help in their second careers. It’s still cool even if it isn’t a game changer. Plus, he’s lovely 🙂

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