Be My Own Working Student: Making Whites White

The most annoying thing about having a beautiful white dressage and sheepskin saddle pad is that it doesn’t always stay, well, white! I have an old saddle that I can’t get the billets to stop bleeding all over the saddle and it has been the most depressing to pull it off Dandy and see these big brown ugly stains. How the heck can I show like that?


This picture was taken after I had tried my mom’s recipe for getting baby formula and spit out of white shirts. It helped but it was still awful. So I went to the ultimate database of knowledge, Google, and found a suggestion: Shout Stain Remover.

Hmm, okay, I’m willing to give anything a try! This is a $200 dollar saddle pad after all. (Not that I actually spent that much…)

I picked up a bottle after my ride today along with a cheapo toothbrush from the kids isle and got to work.


Low and behold it started to work! Here’s the stain after I sprayed and scrubbed, there is a definite improvement but it still looks a bit orange:


And here it is after I washed it:


In my excitement, I did use the whole bottle to clean every pad I owned. Now I won’t look like such a bum when I move to Sheridan Creek!