Bath Time aka The Day I Almost Drowned My Horse, pt 2

I don’t think I have ever been more pleased at Dandy’s calm, live and let live, attitude. Even after the scary encounter with the bog and getting stuck, Dandy just didn’t care.

He did care about the bath I gave him, however…

Dandy: This is no fun.

Since we ran out of time for me to ride, I just got his grain and let him eat out in the front. We also decided to let Guinness off his leash…

Dandy didn’t want to stand still and Guinness wanted him to run around. Neither of my animals wanted to behave I guess. He looks so skinny in this picture but it’s really not as bad as it looks. Although his ribs still need a lot of work, his hip is starting to fill in and he’s getting a very sexy butt. He’s also on yet another feeding schedule. We’ll get weight on him yet. At least his top line is starting to look good.



Guinness: What do you mean the horse wasn’t bought for my amusement?

I just like this picture of the three of us.

I let Dandy off the lead and asked him to run around a bit so we could get some cool pictures.

Dandy: No, I really don’t want that carrot because you’re going to put that ugly fly mask back on.

(Actually, I LOVE the brown fly mask we bought him. If I’m standing far away, sometimes I don’t even recognize he’s wearing it)