Dandy seems to be settling in well into his new stall. Not that I thought he wouldn’t but you never know with him. He’s stabled next to JLE’s Rolex horse, Jack. Jack is coming back after a bad injury so he’s not competing but JLE wants to do everything right. I hope Jack is a good influence on Dandy!


I had a lesson last night with N as JLE is down at Woodside. N is awesome for flat work lessons but Dandy did not make it easy for either of us. He was being really argumentative. We rode through and had some good moments with our leg yields. The only other problem though was that I was super sore from a new workout I had started that morning.

Note to self: it is not a good idea to start a new workout the morning of a riding lesson!

But anyway, I’ve started doing barre classes which are a high intensity ballet inspired pilates type class. It was insane. My legs were shaking all through class and today I am so so stiff. I can’t really lift my arms at all and every time I coughed or sneezed this morning my abs protested hard. But, it was such a fun class and I can already tell I’m going to be toned in no time if I keep going.

6 thoughts on “Barre

  1. Oh my gosh! I took a barre class once. Once. I was totally embarrassed because the instructor had a mike on and was walking around giving pointers to people and saying their names. She kept saying, “Susan,” this and “Susan,” that. I felt very singled out and like everyone else in the class must have thought, “That Susan has no clue what she’s doing.” It was a fantastic work out and if I had time, I’d like to try again. At a different studio!

    1. Oh totally. I keep thinking “next class it won’t hurt this much” except it does because than you lift your leg a little higher (or lower depending on the exercise) and it starts the cycle all over again.

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