Back to Work

The past couple of days have been just awesome for Dandy and I.

On Monday I worked him in the Vienna reins again. While he did have a few moments of “OMG what is this? What are we doing? Why can’t I put my head in the air like a giraffe??” he made the right choices and kept working. I think we’re close to being able to put both reins on at the same time. Kristen says she can see a change in him so that makes me really happy. Afterwards I tacked up and did a lot of walk and trot work, getting him to stretch. Going to the right was much harder of course but he tried really hard. Going to the left I got a few moments of pure bliss.

Later that afternoon Tony came out to trim Dandy. He’s loving the way his feet are looking and said that all my riding and his new diet have been really helping. Hopefully this keeps up.

Then today I took Dandy out to Rock-a-Bye Ranch for a training ride. Dandy did FABULOUS. Madchen worked him through a grid and was very impressed with him. Here’s the video of their last run through:

There’s a local show coming up in a few weeks and we’re going to hopefully take Dandy. I’m riding him in a lesson on Thursday and then next Tuesday Madchen will take him through a course to see how he does and we’ll decide what classes to put him in. Madchen is going to ride him for at least one class. Should be a good experience for him!

Part 2 of my trip to Camelot is coming soon, complete with video.