Back to Normal? Here’s Hoping

Even reviews, back to our regular scheduled blog.

Today I had to force myself to go out to the barn but it ended up being really nice. Just as I was about to get on I got a call from my new trainer. We chatted for a while about Dandy and my goals and eventually set up a lesson for tomorrow! So excited for that. It’s at 2:15 and I’m really hoping Dandy is as good tomorrow as he was today.

Because he was just about perfect. He was still spooking at the little pony (“Mom, that is NOT a horse!” “Yes it is, Dandy.” “I don’t believe you. I will never believe you.”) but there wasn’t any goofy business today. After a quick warm up I sent him over a few of the smaller jumps. There were some fun blocks to play with and a green astro turf roll top thing. He did, unfortunately, run out at that one but that was my own fault because I didn’t keep momentum so by the time we got up there he just didn’t think I really wanted him to go. It wasn’t a problem the second time around.

Every jump he jumped large but I grabbed mane and held on! Here’s hoping my normal sweet OTTB is back to stay.

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