Back in the Saddle

I was finally able to get back on Dandy after more than a weeks vacation for the both of us. Stupid cold and eye infection! At least both of those seem to be all healed up. I even got proof of the ride in the form of pictures all because I managed to convince Eric to come out with me.

I love when Eric comes out with me, and not just because I get lots of good pictures that way. I genuinely like watching him ride and he gets along with Dandy really well, maybe even better than I do!

So Dandy and I had a good ride. Nothing too exciting, just trying to get back in shape so I don’t waste any of my upcoming lessons. Worked on collection, stretching and walk-canter transitions. I have to be careful with those as it’s easy for us both to get frustrated! But we got them and they’ll keep getting better. I got some nice stretching at the end in our trot, I just need to work on my core and my leg muscles to make things more consistent. (Oh, is that all?!)

Working on our free walk.

Best shot of the canter due to the lighting.

Stretchy trot!

And then Eric thought it would be fun to take a picture while I was hacking up a lung:

But look at that beautiful square halt! Now if only we could do that at X.