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I was so excited to go ride my pony this morning. I put on my new birthday breeches which are a beautiful pair of espresso Tailored Sportsman. I was so excited to get these from my parents. Only issue is that they are still a little tight around the waist. Apparently it’s time to start really working out and eating right.

But still, I soldiered on. I packed up my new vienna reins, saddle pad and all the other goodies I had brought home with me. Got my horse out of his paddock and started grooming him only to find that his eye was irritated, weeping, and shut. *sigh*

So I sprayed some Veterycin, pulled out the old fly mask and put him back out. There are hurricane force winds blowing around out here so I’m really hoping that he just got a little dust in, that it will clear out in a day or two and we’ll still be able to go cross country schooling this weekend.

Cross your fingers!