Back from Suspension?

It’s been almost two weeks since we got home from Philly and, what was supposedly, our vacation. Can I have a second please? One where I can sleep in all morning and then spend all afternoon drinking cosmos at the beach? Please? No. *Sigh* Fine.

It was a really fun few days but very stressful and hectic. I think we had a major event every day except for Wednesday. Tuesday it was that we spent all morning on the plane and ate all our meals in airports, not one of my favorite things. We got into Philly late late on Tuesday night but it of course only felt like early evening. Thursday was of course Thanksgiving. That involved crazy things I don’t even want to get in to! Friday we had to be up fairly early (for two people who are extremely jet lagged anyway) and go to Eric’s grandfather’s 90th birthday which was basically a collection of the exact same people who were at Thanksgiving. That night we had a rehearsal dinner for a wedding which was awesome (and at a really cool venue!). To round all that up, on Saturday we took Eric’s niece to see Frozen and went to the wedding. I LOVED Frozen. But I’m not hard to please when it comes to Disney princess movies. Everything was really fun but it wasn’t much of a vacation. Too much stress for me.

Anyway… apparently Dandy did well at Aspen. He got lunged one day and ridden the next. And while he was up, it was the normal up of being at a new place and not the crazy panicked that we had at NWEC. I wish I could have gone and audited the Boyd clinic but things were just too busy.

Last week Dandy got measured and fitted for a brand new Voltaire monoflap. I’m not positive I’m going to purchase it yet but as JLE is sponsored by them she at least wanted him all set up, just in case. I wish I could have been there for the fitting as I’ve never been at a custom saddle fitting and I’ve got a ton of questions regarding Dandy’s back. It would be really nice to have a new saddle but with Christmas coming up I know it’s not really in the cards. I guess I’ll just keep saving.


I only got to ride for a few minutes over the weekend because Dandy was just a dingbat in the cold. I can’t blame him, it WAS cold and even with a quarter sheet he’s pretty naked (and, btw, I hate my clip job. I can’t wait until it warms up and I can just take it all off). I got off and lunged him and he was even crazy on the lunge. So I left it at that. He got done by the body worker again afterwards so hopefully he’s at least feeling better.


Also, apparently my account got suspended on WordPress for violating the TOS. *Rolls Eyes* But now I’m back!

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