Baby Moments

I have an awesome trail recap to post in the next day or so (and news about our first dressage schooling show among other things) but first I want to talk about my latest jumping lesson with Madchen.

I think we’re making a lot of progress though sometimes it seems like slow going. Then I look at the pictures and my bad habits are in EVERY SINGLE ONE and I want to just scream. For example, the looking down. I look down when I ride. I look down when I need to switch my diagonal (despite the fact that I’ve already felt it and know that I’m on the wrong/right one). I look down after jumps. I look down before jumps.

I need to stop looking down!

In this lesson, we worked on straightness and getting to the base of the jump. By the end we were doing a short course that consisted of a one stride, a line that I was supposed to get five in and a canter oxer. I was loving it.

But as always, there are a million things to work on so we came around to the one stride again. This time I got the perfect distance to the first jump but Dandy didn’t really jump the second one…

Eric told me afterwards, and now that I’ve seen the video I’m totally agreeing, that he thinks because Dandy got the right striding into the first jump he landed further into the one stride and didn’t know how to make the striding work. He did a sort of half jump half canter stride and completely tore the whole thing down. It was a complete baby moment.

So we came around again as Madchen lowered it to a cross rail and added a pole to help him get the striding. Dandy was very cautious this time but that’s a good thing. These are small jumps but that doesn’t mean he can just ignore them and blaze around doing whatever he wants. The big problem though was the accident made Dandy want to rush through everything so we spent the next couple of lines calming him back down and getting a nice steady rhythm.

This weekend will be all about preparing for our dressage schooling show but I am super excited to get back to jumping.

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