In other horse news… apparently Cinnamon, the then two-year-old morgan filly I was training last year, won her first award!

It’s not very clear, but the one on the right is 5th place in Games for Saddlelite Riders. The one on the left is mine too (4th place with Shadow of a Chance). It’s not like I had a whole lot of competition (like three people who probably were 1,2,3)… but still it’s an award right?

Cinnamon was a pretty awesome horse, truth be told. She is so solid she looks like a quarter horse! And she’s a good girl. I taught her to bow and took her to her first show where she was a champ.

Anyway, I miss her a ton. If I had more money and could afford a “western” horse, she would so be it. She’s going to be a great all around/gaming/trail pony one day and I hope someone finds her who’s going to appreciate and love her as much as I did.