Are We There Yet?

Well, the first leg of the trip is done… that was definitely the most difficult  drive I have ever had to do from Seattle to Minnesota and since I went to school in the PNW, I did this drive a lot! First, it was pouring across the whole state, raining in the first few passes, snowing in the last couple and when we reached the ND plains, we were stuck in this horrible wind coming from the south that made driving with the horse trailer not that much fun. But we made it and are enjoying a few days rest in Minnesota before we head the rest of the way.

wpid-20150323_153851.jpg wpid-20150324_175614.jpg


Harley was a superstar for the entire trip. She just sat right up front with us and slept for the entire 25 hour drive. Guinness.. well, he is not a big fan of the car and he proceeded to tell us this for the first four hours of the drive. Thankfully he finally chilled out though he was clearly not thrilled with us. I totally get it, Guinness, I didn’t really want to be in that car for 25 hours either!

But he’s really enjoying being a MN dog. Despite the cold temps, the wind, and the snow, he had basically decided to sit outside on the deck for the last two days. Harley says she wants to come back in now, thank you very much.


wpid-20150325_114710.jpgGuinness got  new jolly ball at the Dover Store. I may have gotten a new show jacket too… okay, I did! All I had to do was tell Eric it was a fourth of the cost of the brand new Pikeur jacket I wanted and he handed over the credit card. We also saw this beauty:

wpid-20150325_160813.jpgAnd yes, that is orange piping. It also fit me perfectly. Someday. 🙂



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