April Fools

Oh my gosh, guys! Dandy is doing so good in his training. I know it’s only been a week and he’s only had four official days (and only one of those with LG on him instead of doing ground work) but he looks so amazing. I can tell that he’s trying so very hard and he’s a lot more responsive to LG’s leg cues. Right now they are working on poll release and bending. No canter transitions yet but those will go fast once Dandy’s got the bending down!

Today started with some at liberty work, getting him to maintain his path and listen. Aka, not get distracted that his mommy is standing outside the ring watching him. As you can see in the first picture below, his ear is turned in and he’s listening to LG. The next, not so much but it’s a cute picture of him.

LG then moved on to riding, working on bending and leg aids. Dandy kept dropping his shoulder in the turns so she had to work really hard to keep him from doing that. They also worked on walk-trot transitions for the very first time. I was super happy to see the first time LG did something with him so that I can really see the progress.  It was very cool because at the end, LG was asking him to bend and Dandy, having finally realized what leg cues are, did two very awesome leg yield steps! What a good pony.

LG had great things to say about his temperament and how willing he is to try and find the right answer. Before LG got on today she said that Dandy will probably be able to start canter transitions in two weeks but after riding she thinks that might go down to one week. LG can already see a big difference even after just one day.

As for how he’s doing weight wise… well, he’s getting there. We took a few more photos today and although he’s still ribby, I think he’s finally starting to fill in a little bit on the hip and the neck. He’s leaving behind beat pulp when he eats so he’s probably getting enough forage so we may have to up his strategy amount. As soon as it arrives, flax seed is going to be added to his supplement as well.

It was so nice being able to spend some time with my pony boy. I can’t wait to see how he’s doing in a week.